Abdinasir and his Friends in Gabagabo Internal Displaced Peoples (IDPs) camp of Tuli-Guled Woreda

Abdinasir Ahmed Dayib (the boy in the Video, and the Mechanical engineer of the Traditional Farming tool in his hand) and his Friends live in Gabagabo IDPs camp of Tuli-Guled. These Children pictured with me, crowded around me while I was conducting a focus group discussion of a group of Men in Gabagabo Internal Displaced Peoples (IDPs) Camp last week.

When I have done the Discussion with the men these boys Said to me “Anakana nama waraysanaysid’’? In Somali language which means in English meaning ‘’don’t you interviewing us too’’? Look how they are genius. I said yes I am going to ask you your concern and what you need to tell me. And they laughed when I replied like that.

I started my question with Abdinasir, the boy in the video as I was attracted by his engineering of the farm tool he made on his hand which is called in Somali language “Harqood” call it in English the today’s Tractor.

This Boy is like no other he did this Traditional Tool of Harqood, within the 40 minutes I was conducting the FGD. I was with him with the entire Design and up to Complete Product. At times I say to myself may be you need to tell him to wait until you finish the FGD in order to record his entire workshop and I confess my mind again not to steal his focus. I decided finally to multitask, stay with the boy and the focus discussion of the men.

Look if this boy gets a good schooling and relevant Education to his engineering he would have been participated the Poverty Reduction Endeavours of the Ethiopian County and at continent level at this young age. His traditional ‘’Harqood’’ is what is supposed to lift millions of Ethiopia out of poverty at least what lots of Ethiopian families and many African counties use to produce their substance food in order to stay food secure.
I guess if we invest Abdinasir today he will upgrade his tool in to mechanized one and will introduce new innovations in to agricultural faming equipment’s in the future. No doubts.

These boys told me that they don’t have proper Education and other basic services in this camp. I did not ask other boys if they can do what Abdinasir did or other then, but I have every confident that there can be boys and girls who are innovators like him. Who know? May be I will come to know when go back there in the future.

When I have done questioning them, i took a picture with them and a video of the Abdinasir; they asked me where I will take their pictures and the video of the young boy and future engineer, Abdinasir. I told them that I will share those who interest the stories of a Boys like you, when I said this they responded and Said to me “Waa Siwanagsan” meaning it is a good idea and I took that they agreed with me and using this as their Consent now.

I deeply interviewed Abdinasir, the Mechanical engineer of the Harqood (Traditional Tractor) and will share with you in my future Pieces.

Guys Please Share I want to show the talent of this Boy to the Public and advocating for him to get a proper eduaction and at the same time, I welcome to work together with anyone who needs to show the talents of this boy outside his IDP camp that he lives and even if you can shape his future Eduaction and make the right innovator in the field of agriculture in the future.

Abdiaziz Alibuur