Will Llorente and James reconcile Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid?

Madrid derby, once a fierce and hatred clash is going to break the barrier of hostility after the Real Madrid and Atletico’s transfer acceptance of this season.

Atletico Madrid have already signed Marco Llorente from Real Madrid an amount of 40 Million Euro as Diego Simeone closes to capture James Rodrigues from Santiago Bernabeu.

James, who recently returned from Bayern Munich after two loan long seasons is expected to leave Los Blancos before the start of the new season.

Napoli is the best possible destination for the Colombian, but the Italians do not want to pay 42 million Euros that Real Madrid is asking.

The Sports Spanish media indicate that Florentino Perez will reluctantly desperate to offload the Colombian, but Napoli president claims that his compatriot is asking too much for James that makes his club out of favour. This means, Atletico is the only team that could and want to pay that prize.

If James follows Llorente, the way of purchase and transfers between the two clubs could feel relief and each one will accepts offers from the other.